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    The Heart of England Recorder Orchestra has around 25 members, who between them play the different sizes of recorder, from sopranino to sub-great bass.

    Our repertoire includes all kinds of music in a wide range of styles and genres – both arrangements and original compositions – covering the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Modern periods.

    Members of the orchestra enjoy getting together to learn, play and present multi-part compositions for recorders that explore the sonorities and textures available from a large group of like instruments. In this respect, it is a comparable experience to playing in a brass band or string orchestra, or singing in a choir.

    When HERO was formed it was one of no more than three or four such ensembles in the United Kingdom. There are now many more, and recorder orchestras can be found in many countries around the world. The growing popularity of the recorder orchestra line-up points to the enjoyment to be had by players and listeners alike.

    We meet once a month in Meriden to rehearse, on a Sunday afternoon. For more information about how to join the orchestra, please get in contact:

      The Committee




      I'd played recorder at school, and after a long gap, went looking for opportunities to play as an adult. I was directed towards HERO in 2010 and have enjoyed playing with them ever since. I pursue additional musical interests in my spare time, and they all help each other with my learning and development as a musician.




      I joined HERO in 2016 and play contrabass or great bass recorder. I also sing bass in choirs, and before I retired from the academic world, moved to the West Midlands and took up the recorder again, I used to play bass (tuba) in a brass band - the lower end of a musical ensemble seems to be my natural habitat.




      I have been musical director of HERO since 2014, which is one of the many groups that I am involved with.




      I played recorders in the 1970s but, during my 35 years working as a Woodwind Teacher, I had very little to do with them until my (early) retirement in 2011. I then bought myself good quality wooden recorders, joined the SRP, then The Corydon Players, and finally HERO in 2013.




      I'm the librarian for HERO. I joined in 2009 after I finished university and moved back to the area. As well as playing the recorder I enjoy making a mess while doing print making and art, spending time outside, volunteering, drinking peppermint tea and eating nice cakes.




      I've been a member since 2015. Shortly after joining, I became a committee member and took over running the Facebook page. Additionally, I create the flyers and promotional material for HERO.




      I provide technical support for HERO, maintain the website, and have been a member since 2012. When not playing, you'll probably find me running about all over the place, fixing computers that aren't working.

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